Risks in international trade


Just as there are reasons to get into the international market, and benefit from global markets, there are also risks involved in positioning companies in certain countries. Each country may have its potential; it also has its woes that are associated with doing business with major companies. Some of rogue countries may have all the natural minerals than the risks involved in doing business in these countries exceed the benefits. Some of the risks in international trade are:

(1) Strategic Risk

(2) Operational risk

(3) Political Risk

(4) Country Risk

(5) Technological Risk

(6) Environmental Risk

(7) Economic Risk

(8) Financial Risk

(9) Terrorism Risk

Strategic Risk: The ability of companies to make strategic decision in order to respond to the forces that are at risk. These forces also affect the company’s competitiveness. Porter defines them as :. The threat of new entrants in the industry, the threat of substitute products and services, intensity of competition in the industry, bargaining power of suppliers and bargaining power of consumers

Operational risk: This is caused by the assets and resources that help the day-to-day activities. Breakdown machineries, supply and demand of resources and products, the lack of goods and services, lack of complete logistic and inventory will lead to inefficiency in production. By controlling costs, unnecessary waste decreases, and process improvement can increase lead-time, reduce variability and promote efficiency in the internationalization of

Political Risk :. The political action and instability can make it difficult for companies to operate efficiently in these countries due to negative publicity and the impact created by individuals in the top of government. Businesses can not effectively operate in its full capacity in order to maximize profits in such political turmoil unstable country. New and hostile government can change the friendly one, and hence expropriate foreign assets

Country Risk :. The culture or country can create instability risks may make it difficult for multinational companies to operate safely, effectively and efficiently. Some of the country risk comes from the policies of governments’ economic, security aspects, and political conditions. Solving one of these problems without all the problems (combined) together will not be enough to reduce the country risk

Technical Risk :. Lack of security in electronic transactions, the cost of developing new technologies, and the fact that this new technology can fail, and when all these are combined with the outdated current technology, may create dangerous effects of doing business in the international arena

Environmental Risk :. Air, water, and environmental pollution can affect the health of citizens and lead to public outcry citizens. These problems can also lead to damaging the reputation of the companies doing business in the field

Economic Risk :. This comes from the inability of the country to meet its financial obligations. Changes in foreign investment and / or national policy or fiscal policy. Effect of exchange rate and interest rates make it difficult to conduct international trade

Financial Risk :. This area has the effect of exchange rates, the flexibility of the government to allow companies to repatriate profits or funds outside the country. Devaluation and inflation will also affect the company’s ability to operate efficiently ability and still be stable. Most countries make it difficult for foreign companies to repatriate funds thus forcing these companies to invest money in less optimal level. Sometimes there are business assets that were confiscated and contributing to financial losses

Terrorism Risk :. These are attacks that may be caused by a lack of hope; trust; differences in culture and religion, philosophy, and / or just hate the corporate citizens of the countries concerned. It leads to a potential hostile attitudes vandalism foreign companies and / or kidnapping of employers and employees. Such frustrating situations make it difficult to operate in these countries.

Although the benefits of international trade of risks, companies should take the risk in each country and also intellectual, red tape and corruption, human limitations resources and limitations in the analysis of ownership, in order to take into account all the risks that comes before venturing into any of the countries.


Power Washing Consultant Tips: The Lucrative Rail Industry


As a child, you may have enjoyed watching and counting locomotives rolled the local Railroad tour. But today, the seemingly endless stream of cars inched past is just a hindrance, delay you where you need to be

A professional power washing consultant, however, sees locomotives in a different light -. As profits. What lies Railcar is a possibility the unit in the service profitable.

Niche Market Railcar Cleaning

A niche market, the rail industry is full of untapped potential for power washing. Pressure washing consulting companies know there are legal requirements for the rail industry as a proxy cleaning; for example, locomotives must be cleaned after a certain number of hours, and Boxcar must be cleaned before moving on different products. In addition, power washing is a regular part of maintenance of the rail industry for failure to maintain the image. Power wash the advice of experts can develop a simple request for external wash to include more value-added services such as graffiti removal, do hatches, paint touch-ups and more.

good pressure wash consulting professional advises the company to a lack of experience in the railway industry should not deter you from venturing into this niche market. This is quite right – with a few years of wastewater recovery and power washing experience; written best management practices; and completed Railcar cleaning training, the contractor should make sure to offer services in this relatively untapped market.

into the market

but some railway companies can have their own service areas and pressure washing equipment, more companies are hiring contractors to do the work at a particular place. In this market, power washing consultant would advise to study business in your area and direct contact with a buy (or strategic executive powers) for each company. If the company has the power washing service provider, management may still be open to new offers at the next contract renewal time; it never hurts to ask.

When preparing offers, first know what type of locomotives you may be clean. You also need to know if there are any rules that apply to the company or industry. For example, when washing the locomotives, the American Association of Railroad Museum has written guidelines dictating to waterproof tarps will take the brakes before pressure washing. Defined as a significant security risk, pressure wash without this prevention can cause corrosion of the brake discs, resulting in brake failure.

Another major consideration power washing consultant can advise you about the location. Take into account who owns the land where the work will be done, as well as protection of the environment such as water supply and sewage.

In addition, pressure washing consulting professional will advise the railway industry will have tight deadlines to get the locomotives back in service as soon as possible. It is not unreasonable to be asked to clean a unit train – consisting of 125 locomotives – in as little as three days

To provide power washing service rail industry, you need :.

– Insurance liability of at least $ 5 million.

– Power washing equipment, including long lines.

– Water extraction equipment and waste water recovery mats.

– Tanks come in clean water and haul out sewage.

– A 4-wheel drive lift truck with industry approved personal protective equipment (PPE) equipment to prevent falls.

– Industry approved wheel protection covers.

– Chemicals and soaps including sulfuric acid, hydrofluoric and ammonium bi-fluoride.
– appropriate personal use of materials

With the right equipment, it is a seven-step process to clean locomotives most power wash consulting experts recommend:

1. Wrap / cover wheels to keep the brake cylinder , roller bearings, control valves and slack adjusters dry.

2. Install drainage improvement rugs, and start water collection.

3. Apply wash the roof, then rinse (two-stage).

4. Two-stage of the transportation and sides.

5. Remove graffiti.

6. Apply degreaser.

7. Rinse the entire unit, including the chassis, from the top down.


Engineering – A Mathematical Reasons You Need Social Networking


There is a mathematical formula to success that every consulting firm should know. Therefore, if the math supports the need for action, but it should not be a reason for using the best technology to support this feature, right?

Well, here’s the math ….

Customers = with + Contact + (trade) Products / Programs

Let me explain, to succeed in business required customers to buy you need leads. In order to develop ways in which you have to rub relationships in order to convert leads to customers that you have some sort of product or program. Makes sense to me, how about you?

Now if we use article marketing to meet lead generation and product selling how would you develop a relationship with hundreds of people around the world?

Yes it is email, but in a fast paced and high technology driven business, there is one method that fills the media relationship building our need better than any other, Social Networking.

Now, several services today that can help us to do this, Twitter, Face Book, Linked in and a hundred others. Now let’s look at how to build friends who know, like and trust us enough to convert into a customer.

Start by sending an email to your leads that invite them to follow you on twitter and face book account. In the letter, offering to help them in any way you can, but it’s very simple to do for themselves offering to be helpful. Next, start to send a message to customers that are following you, ask them questions. Tell them what you’re working on; you just need to spend 15 to 30 minutes a day to keep in touch.


Why Making Money as a home based Marketing Consultant does not Natural skills or money


Usually, when someone comes to me asking me to train them as a home base

marketing consultant will ask what they understand as I do things from all other marketing consultants.

Why is it that someone without extraordinary abilities, speaking skills or sales skills

can last for over 20 years in this game, but 80% of all other home based

marketing consultants finally go under or do so little business really

costs them money each year.

In other words … what’s my secret?

There are only two.

One I always marketing yourself. I never stop introduce my company and go

new customers.

The second one is a little different, however ,. And that’s what keeps me and my home

business marketing consulting students one, two, even three steps and everyone else.

Even people with more natural marketing and sales skills, and even those more

money to advertise itself.

You see, where I, and those I train, different from all others is our ability to go

the small business and define what I call “hidden marketing assets.”

What is hidden marketing property?

A hidden marketing assets is something the business owner I work with have

is very valuable to him and his company, but he does not realize it.

One example of this (and there are dozens upon dozens of them) is a special

client relationships may have with other people and businesses

community that they can leverage off of exchanging leads

And what you have to do -. But everything else – is simply to learn how to recognize them


How do you do this?

Well, what I do is to ask a special series of questions to all clients I work with the

purpose is to find the hidden assets.

And when I have the assets, marketing consultancy works almost itself. The

money starts flowing, almost magic. Even if the customer does not spend all

extra money on his marketing. In fact, sometimes he will spend less.

And this simple thing is really what separates us from each other.

Any conventional advertiser or traditional marketing consultant cares
Hidden marketing assets
Business is.

They just want to sell more ads, and they want to sell more direct mail or

they want to sell more coupons or they want to sell more billboard space or more

radio or more newspaper ads.

When you do it my way, on the other hand, you have to go in and say, “Hey, you

does not need any of that, but I need to take you through a series of questions

see if you have what I call marketing assets. I will simply take the assets

and systematically exploit the marketing system to generate increased by

you. “

See what I mean?

This is one of the reasons why you do not have to be a marketing and business

genius to do it as a marketing consultant in business.

And the irony of all is that it is so easy to lose most of it. Even trained



Why you need a computer consultant


At some point and time, every business owner is going to have to hire a computer consultant for technical support. Hiring the right consultant can be a tricky task because not all individuals who claim to be a ‘computer consultant’ have proven knowledge business owner wishes. To find the right advisor for you there are some steps that you should follow to ensure that you get the most highly qualified consultant for your business.

Special Services

As with any business, there are different levels of service available. Some consultant will offer mediocre services that will only provide you with basic solutions computer. There are consultants who can focus on one particular area planning, such as better virus protection, if it is their specialty. Computer consultants who are consummate professionals will not only focus on one area of ​​computer support. A consultant who provides assistance to many areas, such as virus protection, firewall, security, storage solutions, recovered from a computer system crash and numerous other cases the computer is the optimal choice. Hire a specialist who can meet all your computer system needs will result in savings of time and money.

charges / Experience

hire a company that offers all-takes good service is not a necessary requirement for exorbitant fees. Some companies may find that all the services available, they can charge more. To ensure that you get the best rates, before hiring any consultant get at least three bids. The company offers the best service package covers many areas at the most reasonable price can be a consultant to go with. In addition to getting multiple bids, it is also important to find out how experienced the company you are leaning towards has in the industry. Ask questions when hiring an expert in one particular area to ensure you get exactly what you need for your computer system.

hire a computer consultant who can provide work your business needs may require a little research and talking to many advisers. Ask questions if you are looking for a specialist in a particular area, get many offers from different consultants, and do not hesitate to ask for references before hiring anyone. Protect your company’s computer system is not something anyone should be left to handle. With time and a little research you can hire a computer consultant you need.


Network Marketing – Mary Kay – Give your bank account a makeover


Offering the ultimate in beauty and skin care products, Mary Kay can also be the perfect network marketing business, whether you are looking for a part time income or want to start your own business.

after 25 years of direct selling to other businesses Mary Kay Ash founded the company that bears her name, selling a product she had been selling on the side while working for Stanley Home products. She started the company with only $ 5,000, began to employ “beauty consultants” who were trained to organize a Mary Kay party or “skin care classes” of people. The first products were a handful of cosmetic products manufactured by the company in Dallas.

To ensure that they would not be grouped together with the “pyramid scheme” company, Mary Kay offer all beauty products their advisors at 50% discount and pay all bonuses of company profits.

As Mary Kay has annual sales of over $ 2400000000 with thousands of representatives of the world who still believe in the same basic philosophy of faith first, family second and career third. In 1967 the famous Pink Cadillac incentive award was offered for the first time with one which was awarded today are several thousand of them are awarded annually.

To begin it is an investment of $ 100 to buy Beauty Show your kit containing $ 300 worth of products; this is more than enough to get you started in your new business. Once you have the kit you will be trained to give courses beauty and facial treatments and this is where you will begin your client base. Each of these categories is not more than six clients at a time to ensure that you provide the best service possible.

Average sales of $ 250 with six ladies category and $ 100 for a class with 1-2 women received facials. If you schedule the class and can not attend but are counselors to take over for you, you will still get paid 15% of sales from that category. You get 50% of the profits from personal sales and if you recruit new consultants you will also get a commission for the sale. Fees are paid directly from the company and are paid at the following rates 1-4 consultants 4%, 5 it goes up to 9% and if five or more “team-mates” who make minimum order of $ 200 when you include one for $ 600 you’ll get 13% commission.

When you reach the position of sales director you are eligible for a 13% commission based production unit that is paid monthly. Ultimately, when sales reach a predetermined amount that you will be eligible for “Pink Cadillac” program entitled you for prepaid lease a new car.

Mary Kay offers a great program for outgoing woman who loves to help other women look their best, but at the same to offer them the opportunity to have their own business.


The Business Hestar -? Svo Þú Vilja til að taka þátt í Horse Industry


Í áranna rás, allir sem sóttu um starf hjá mér langaði til að verða þjálfari. Þau vildu að ríða hestum þegar það sem ég þurfti í raun voru stall hreinsiefni, brúðgumans, bookkeepers, groundskeepers osfrv

Það eru fleiri tækifæri til aðstoð starfsfólks en kennara. Ef maður getur verið endurskoðandi, lögfræðingur, ráðgjafi, brúðgumanum, Groundskeeper, stóðhestur framkvæmdastjóri, hryssa framkvæmdastjóri, aðstoðarmenn dýralækna, etc, etc, mun alltaf vera fær um að finna vinnu. Maður verður ekki háð á einn kyn eða einu aga um atvinnumál.

Oft er ég spurður að því hvernig á að komast í hest fyrirtæki. Spurning mín í staðinn er að spyrja hvað maður er að gera núna í 9 til 5 vinnu sína. Fyrir sumir ástæða, held að fólk sem þú þarft að vera þjálfari eða eiga stóran hest aðstöðu til að vera í hest viðskiptum. The meðaltal manneskja getur tekið færni sína og menntun og hafa fyrirtæki sem felur hesta og hestamenn.

Fólk er stöðugt að leita að Lögmenn, endurskoðendur, vátryggingaumboðsmanna, fasteignasala, og viðskipti ráðgjafa til að svara spurningum þeirra og aðstoð í skipulagningu og stjórnun hestur fyrirtæki þeirra. Þeir þurfa landscapers, smiðir, Pípulagningamenn, leður repairman og skrifstofu hjálp að halda og keyra fyrirtæki.

Í þessum aldri sérhæfingu, myndi ég vara þig á að það er betra að vita lítið um ýmis störf og að vita eitt starf mjög vel. Hvers vegna? Þegar maður er að leita að vinnu með vinnuveitanda, ef þú hefur þekkingu á mörgum hlutum og hvernig þeir eru að gera, getur þú verið starfandi þótt staða felur ekki í sér svæði þekkingu.

Sá sem hefur faglega þjálfun í einhverju fyrrnefndum sviðum getur aukið tekjur sínar með því að bæta hestinn iðnaður á þeim sviðum sem þeir þjónusta. Hesturinn iðnaður er það sama og allir aðrir í viðskiptum við fáum undantekningum svo maður geti nýtt menntun sína á tilteknu sviði þeirra til að ekki aðeins auka tekjumöguleika þeirra en að taka þátt með hesta og að lífsstíll.

Ef einn er í raun tileinkað gerast þátt með hesta sem þjálfari, maður verður að vera tilbúinn að borga félagsgjöld sín. Samfélagið er ekki lokað en fólk sem gerir líf þeirra með hesta vita hversu krefjandi það er. Ef þú vilt átta tíma á dag, fjörutíu-tíma vinnuviku og tveggja vikna frí á hverju ári, þetta er ekki staður fyrir þig. Ef þú vilt byrja efst, sem mun ekki gerast

. Þú verður að þrífa mikið af básum, snyrta mörg hross, og fá að ríða mjög erfiðar dýr áður en þú færð að gera það sem þú vilt. Og á leiðinni, verður þú furða ef það er þess virði. Það er ákvörðun sem þú verður að gera.

Á hinn bóginn, ef foreldrar þínir eða sjálfur hafa ákveðið að háþróaður menntun er þörf áður en þú slærð inn hestur iðnaður, fel ég þér. Of oft maður fær caught upp í að gera og gleymir áætlanagerð. Ef þú ert þjálfari, og hestur meiðir þig, hvað myndir þú gera ef það væri allt, sem vitað? Hið sama gildir um önnur störf sem við gerum almennt í kringum hesta.

eigin huga. Þegar ég var þjálfun, borð og ræktun, sumir af mínum skjólstæðingum spurði mig hvað ég myndi gera þegar ég hætti. Þeir voru þeirrar skoðunar að hross voru allt sem ég vissi um. Það var í lagi með mig því ég vissi að ég gæti gert annað og vera í tengslum við hesta. Nú vita þeir líka.

Mörg ykkar hafa skemmtilega minningar um að vinna með hesta þegar þú varst ungur. Og nú þú ert eldri, þú hafa a fjölskylda, í daglegu starfi þínu gefur þér þægilegt líf en —- hvað þú vilt í raun að gera er að vera með hesta. Þú vilt að endurheimta þessi tilfinning sem þú hafði þegar þú varst ungur. Þú verður að kaupa hest fyrir börnum þínum og þá reyna að endurlifa reynslu í gegnum þau. Eða, getur þú keypt hest fyrir þig og þá verða disenchanted því það er ekki eins og á hest sem þú hafði þegar þú varst ungur.

Ef maður myndi fyrst að líta á það sem núverandi atvinnu hans felst þá rannsóknir til að sjá hvort það er hægt að breyta til að vera í notkun í hestur greininni. Ég held að þú vildi vera miklu meira efni og hamingjusamur sérstaklega ef þú ert vel í starfi þínu núna og fær um að bæta ást þína á hestum til að blanda. Maður hefði tíma til að þróa hestur fyrirtæki sín á meðan viðhalda núverandi lífsstíl sinn með daglegu starfi þínu.

Það eru mörg tækifæri til að taka þátt í the iðnaður. Stöðugt eigandi eða þjálfari myndi fagna einhvern til að gera innheimtu þeirra í hverjum mánuði svo þeir geti gert það sem þeir gera best. Ef allt fékk innheimt sem ætti að vera mest af okkur myndi gera meira fé en áður.

ef maður vildi a hendur á stöðu, getur þú vilt að vera brúðguminn ábyrgð á umönnun og snyrtingu á nokkrum hestum. Ekki taka brot ef eigandi hlöðu eða þjálfari vill gefa hrossum, við viljum bara að vita hvernig þeir eru að gera. En mest af okkur myndi frekar vera á hestinum en fá hann tilbúinn til að ríða.

Að meðaltali hesturinn viðskipti eigandi veit ekki hversu mikið vandræði þeir eru í þar til IRS eða ferli miðlara sýnir sig á dyr. Ef þú ert með lagalega eða bókhald æfa bara fræða fólkið mun hjálpa þér og þeim gífurlega.

Flestir hestamenn eru að leita að eign til að setja hestana á eða til að hefja rekstur þeirra. A fasteignir sérfræðinga sem hefur áhuga á hestum og tekur tíma að þróa mannorð í hestamennskunni samfélag geta verulega auka tekjur sínar.

Næstum sérhver störf og fyrirtæki geta tekið þátt í þessu mjög spennandi og krefjandi fyrirtæki. Ákvörðunin er komið að þér.


What is the best type of business to start today, in the recession of our time?


Companies today are looking for ways to hang on to more of their dollars and find the best ways to reduce costs. Often workers are victims, as evidenced by the number of lay offs today. Maybe you are one of those who have been laid off and found; now is the time to look into self employment. The next question is what works today in this recession and how I can help.

a recession Money gets stuck, get business owners nervous and employee morale is strained. If you are someone who has been a victim of corporate down sizing, you may bring with you very valuable information, skills and capabilities to market. Your background can be turned into a successful business! The question is what type of business you should start these recessionary times?

Consulting! How else to better economy, but to offer your services as a consultant. The average entrepreneur today is coming from corporate America, over 45 and winding-up or 401k available to invest in new businesses. As an individual brings expertize and experience, can offer new or established businesses, information and training, they can no longer afford to pay for salaries. They may, however, pay a short-term consultant.

Consultants come in all sizes. Engineering, Medical and restructuring as an example of different areas of advice. My favorite kind Consulting in savings level, as of today, companies are scratching and clawing for every dollar! What if you could put more money back into the business, without charging them anything up front. Work uncertainties Basis is the way to go! Here are some types of Cost Cutting Services you can offer to small and medium-sized enterprises, which will grow their cash flow and give them more capital.

1. Office rent review. A process of looking at companies rent and making sure that the charges are in accordance with the terms of the lease. Then recover any overcharges for the tenant.

2. Cost segregation. This is for building owners. Separation costs involved in separating the real estate assets and personal property assets, for the purpose of reclassifying them. When reclassified amortization schedule can be adjusted from 39.5 years down the 5-7 year old children and speed up the tax benefits for the company.

3. Property Tax audits. Property taxes should be going down not up. Review them and make sure they are accurate will assist companies with cash back!

4. Review of other costs, such as telephone bills, utility bills, export taxes and waste bills.

5. Small business tax reviews. Find out any payment to the IRS and get the money back in the hands of owners.

I saw a gentleman wearing a shirt the other day that said “I’m not unemployed, I’m a consultant”. I laughed, as often being a consultant means that we are unemployed! Consulting is a legitimate way to help others, use your knowledge and build a very timely business. Consulting is the company of choice in these recessionary times. The above services are unique and available through the Business licensing or business. You can be trained on how to do all of the above services or outsource them. You as a consultant will put the pieces together.


Travel Consultant -? A Necessity or a waste of money


Only 30% of people traveling for leisure exploit travel consultant. That means nearly 70% do not. What could be their reasons for this? I have come across many

Why pay a consultant for something I can do myself? All these consultants are nothing but glorified money-making scam. With the Internet, which puts the world at your fingertips, who needs them? They just make it messier.

But from my experience I have learned that all this is nothing but mere words, mouthed by people who do not have any real experience of how the industry charge works.

Travel consultants play a key role in any process of travel and can be used even well seasoned travelers. Even with the Internet it is difficult to compare and weigh all the options. For example, if you are traveling to Singapore, you might just be able to find a handful of hotels and would have no idea whether the quality they claim on their websites would be the same when you encounter really all in place. Now, the consultant will have local contacts and in-depth knowledge of the place. He must be able to give you opportunities that you would not otherwise have been able to find.

Against a waste of money, to invest in travel consultant ensures that you will actually be saving a lot of money. Surprised? Well, this is due to travel consultant would know of offers and discounts that might not be available to you. He could also have a special tie-ups with hotels, airlines etc and thus will be able to get a better comfort on smaller fare. Sometimes websites run offers that become redundant, as they do not get updated on time. With content or consultant you face this problem, but, as he will have up-to-date information.

A travel consultant usually has a great rapport with all the industry and therefore gaining access to any particular place or get a pass for the special concert are way easier for him than the player. He can use his clout to get you almost anywhere and if you find yourself in a vulnerable position, you can also rely on the advice to get you out in many cases. In your travels, if you miss a flight or install a resource that does not match your expectations, you can just call a consultant to take care of such defects.

Thus, in short, travel consultant clears all the messy work. He studies, takes care of the paperwork, schedules stay according to your convenience and it’s more gets the best rates too! He explains in detail, the fine print tickets or peculiar culture of the place you must visit. Overall, this professional of the information and allows you to relax and enjoy the journey.


Four Criteria for Evaluating Organizational Consultants


You’ll know a consultant and the extentions to Which the advice They give you is flawed by the underlying theoretical models aspects of the advice is based on. So argues Chris Argyris in his powerfulness and eye-opening book, “ Flawed Advice and the Management Trap .” Argyris Analyzer representative examples of over 100 books and myriad articles published by the world’s most respected business gurus, and then uses his own theoretical model (theory of action) to evaluate the advice They give readers. His study includes the likes of Stephen Covey, John Kotter, Jon Katzenback, Peter Drucker and other business-literature Experts. He conclude That much of the advice given by These Authors is appealing and evenness compelling, but most of it is not action CD . In other words, Even if a manager could fully implementable the advice These business luminaries give themself, the resulting CORRECTIVE actions would not lead to the kind of positive change and sustainable improvement That the Authors Claim it would.

Argyris conclude that, “Since thoughtful and well-intentioned advice givers do not intentionally offer Counsel That is full of gaps and inconsistencies, there must be something in the frameworks on Which They RELY That Makes Them unaware of These problems – as well as unaware thatthey are unaware. ” Here are four criteria That have been distilled from this groundbreaking book That Managers Can use to evaluate and judge the degree to Which CORRECTIVE actions proposed by external consulting firms or internal consultants Will Actually lead to long-term, sustainable, positive change in their organization.

  • Reliable : To what extentions are the CORRECTIVE actions based on an underlying theoretical model of organizations, work-groups, Human Interaction, and cognitive operations-preferences That is reliable , I it describes and predicts the actions, interactions, and overall performance of organizations, work-groups, and the people in Them?
  • Valid : To what extentions are the reasoning and Assumption That underlie the CORRECTIVE actions valid in the sense thatthey have been REFLECTED on, made Explicit, and subject to public tests and scrutiny to deconstruct organizational defense mechanisms and establishments the “organizational truth” of what’s really going on in the situation? Validity Helps Avoid the self-fulfilling and self-sealing cycle That Create and Sustain ineffective-invisible cultural norms, organizational defense mechanisms, tacit Beliefs and Assumption That are not reliable (as defined above) and are based on stereo types, and Patterns of Interaction between key personnel That createTextNode destructive conflict That frustrates and under mines high-performance.
  • Action Able : To what extentions are the CORRECTIVE actions action CD in the sense factors: a) They outline detailed concrete behaviors That Will produce the desired results, b) They Can be crafted so people Can be taught and Learn the concepts, behaviors, and skills required to produce the desired results, and c) the Implementation of the CORRECTIVE actions will not be frustrated and / or undermined (overtly-covertly, intentionally-unintentionally) by the organizational context and cultural norms Within sem They are embedded?
  • Commitment : To what extentions Will the change Associated with the CORRECTIVE action process requires external versus internal Commitment to accomplish, and is this message clear and unambiguous to all Participants? External Commitment That means participation in the CORRECTIVE action process is part of a manager’s or staff member’s roles, Responsibilities, and performance goals thatthey Will Be könnuà on. Internal Commitment That means managers and staff members have Adopted the knowledge, skills, models, and philosophy Associated with the CORRECTIVE action process as part of Their personal value system. Are Different levels of Commitment required by Different populations in the organization, I top managers and middle managers must have internal Commitment, while Supervisor and staff members only need external Commitment?

Of course Argyris assumes That managers WHO hire consulting firms Actually want That advice Identifier underlying Causes of poor performance and leads to long-term, sustainable, positive change. But field experience in organizations shows That this is not always the case. All too ofter consulting Interventions are Undertaker Without any intention of Actually CORRECTIVE Taking action on the issues identified or Implementing change. Rather, consulting firms and the Interventions They conductance are ofter used to appease higher-up managers by appearing to take “action” to correct Situations and / or as last ditch damage control in Situations where conflict, toxicity, and ineffective performance have gone on far too long. Managers WHO use external consulting firms or internal consultants in the doorways described above should not bother reading Argyris’ monumental book. But managers WHO Actually want advice That leads to long-term, sustainable, positive change shouldnt read and digest the wisdom and Insights in Flawed Advice Before They pay for one more day of organizational consulting .

Bottom Line : If a consulting firm or individual consultant can not Clearly articulate the underlying theoretical foundations upon sem Their Interventions and advice are based, and if Their approach to working with organizations and the people in themself do not satisfy the criteria listed above, then do not expect to get advice That Will lead to long-term, sustainable, positive change in your organization.