What is the best type of business to start today, in the recession of our time?


Companies today are looking for ways to hang on to more of their dollars and find the best ways to reduce costs. Often workers are victims, as evidenced by the number of lay offs today. Maybe you are one of those who have been laid off and found; now is the time to look into self employment. The next question is what works today in this recession and how I can help.

a recession Money gets stuck, get business owners nervous and employee morale is strained. If you are someone who has been a victim of corporate down sizing, you may bring with you very valuable information, skills and capabilities to market. Your background can be turned into a successful business! The question is what type of business you should start these recessionary times?

Consulting! How else to better economy, but to offer your services as a consultant. The average entrepreneur today is coming from corporate America, over 45 and winding-up or 401k available to invest in new businesses. As an individual brings expertize and experience, can offer new or established businesses, information and training, they can no longer afford to pay for salaries. They may, however, pay a short-term consultant.

Consultants come in all sizes. Engineering, Medical and restructuring as an example of different areas of advice. My favorite kind Consulting in savings level, as of today, companies are scratching and clawing for every dollar! What if you could put more money back into the business, without charging them anything up front. Work uncertainties Basis is the way to go! Here are some types of Cost Cutting Services you can offer to small and medium-sized enterprises, which will grow their cash flow and give them more capital.

1. Office rent review. A process of looking at companies rent and making sure that the charges are in accordance with the terms of the lease. Then recover any overcharges for the tenant.

2. Cost segregation. This is for building owners. Separation costs involved in separating the real estate assets and personal property assets, for the purpose of reclassifying them. When reclassified amortization schedule can be adjusted from 39.5 years down the 5-7 year old children and speed up the tax benefits for the company.

3. Property Tax audits. Property taxes should be going down not up. Review them and make sure they are accurate will assist companies with cash back!

4. Review of other costs, such as telephone bills, utility bills, export taxes and waste bills.

5. Small business tax reviews. Find out any payment to the IRS and get the money back in the hands of owners.

I saw a gentleman wearing a shirt the other day that said “I’m not unemployed, I’m a consultant”. I laughed, as often being a consultant means that we are unemployed! Consulting is a legitimate way to help others, use your knowledge and build a very timely business. Consulting is the company of choice in these recessionary times. The above services are unique and available through the Business licensing or business. You can be trained on how to do all of the above services or outsource them. You as a consultant will put the pieces together.


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