Travel Consultant -? A Necessity or a waste of money


Only 30% of people traveling for leisure exploit travel consultant. That means nearly 70% do not. What could be their reasons for this? I have come across many

Why pay a consultant for something I can do myself? All these consultants are nothing but glorified money-making scam. With the Internet, which puts the world at your fingertips, who needs them? They just make it messier.

But from my experience I have learned that all this is nothing but mere words, mouthed by people who do not have any real experience of how the industry charge works.

Travel consultants play a key role in any process of travel and can be used even well seasoned travelers. Even with the Internet it is difficult to compare and weigh all the options. For example, if you are traveling to Singapore, you might just be able to find a handful of hotels and would have no idea whether the quality they claim on their websites would be the same when you encounter really all in place. Now, the consultant will have local contacts and in-depth knowledge of the place. He must be able to give you opportunities that you would not otherwise have been able to find.

Against a waste of money, to invest in travel consultant ensures that you will actually be saving a lot of money. Surprised? Well, this is due to travel consultant would know of offers and discounts that might not be available to you. He could also have a special tie-ups with hotels, airlines etc and thus will be able to get a better comfort on smaller fare. Sometimes websites run offers that become redundant, as they do not get updated on time. With content or consultant you face this problem, but, as he will have up-to-date information.

A travel consultant usually has a great rapport with all the industry and therefore gaining access to any particular place or get a pass for the special concert are way easier for him than the player. He can use his clout to get you almost anywhere and if you find yourself in a vulnerable position, you can also rely on the advice to get you out in many cases. In your travels, if you miss a flight or install a resource that does not match your expectations, you can just call a consultant to take care of such defects.

Thus, in short, travel consultant clears all the messy work. He studies, takes care of the paperwork, schedules stay according to your convenience and it’s more gets the best rates too! He explains in detail, the fine print tickets or peculiar culture of the place you must visit. Overall, this professional of the information and allows you to relax and enjoy the journey.


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