Network Marketing – Mary Kay – Give your bank account a makeover


Offering the ultimate in beauty and skin care products, Mary Kay can also be the perfect network marketing business, whether you are looking for a part time income or want to start your own business.

after 25 years of direct selling to other businesses Mary Kay Ash founded the company that bears her name, selling a product she had been selling on the side while working for Stanley Home products. She started the company with only $ 5,000, began to employ “beauty consultants” who were trained to organize a Mary Kay party or “skin care classes” of people. The first products were a handful of cosmetic products manufactured by the company in Dallas.

To ensure that they would not be grouped together with the “pyramid scheme” company, Mary Kay offer all beauty products their advisors at 50% discount and pay all bonuses of company profits.

As Mary Kay has annual sales of over $ 2400000000 with thousands of representatives of the world who still believe in the same basic philosophy of faith first, family second and career third. In 1967 the famous Pink Cadillac incentive award was offered for the first time with one which was awarded today are several thousand of them are awarded annually.

To begin it is an investment of $ 100 to buy Beauty Show your kit containing $ 300 worth of products; this is more than enough to get you started in your new business. Once you have the kit you will be trained to give courses beauty and facial treatments and this is where you will begin your client base. Each of these categories is not more than six clients at a time to ensure that you provide the best service possible.

Average sales of $ 250 with six ladies category and $ 100 for a class with 1-2 women received facials. If you schedule the class and can not attend but are counselors to take over for you, you will still get paid 15% of sales from that category. You get 50% of the profits from personal sales and if you recruit new consultants you will also get a commission for the sale. Fees are paid directly from the company and are paid at the following rates 1-4 consultants 4%, 5 it goes up to 9% and if five or more “team-mates” who make minimum order of $ 200 when you include one for $ 600 you’ll get 13% commission.

When you reach the position of sales director you are eligible for a 13% commission based production unit that is paid monthly. Ultimately, when sales reach a predetermined amount that you will be eligible for “Pink Cadillac” program entitled you for prepaid lease a new car.

Mary Kay offers a great program for outgoing woman who loves to help other women look their best, but at the same to offer them the opportunity to have their own business.


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