Engineering – A Mathematical Reasons You Need Social Networking


There is a mathematical formula to success that every consulting firm should know. Therefore, if the math supports the need for action, but it should not be a reason for using the best technology to support this feature, right?

Well, here’s the math ….

Customers = with + Contact + (trade) Products / Programs

Let me explain, to succeed in business required customers to buy you need leads. In order to develop ways in which you have to rub relationships in order to convert leads to customers that you have some sort of product or program. Makes sense to me, how about you?

Now if we use article marketing to meet lead generation and product selling how would you develop a relationship with hundreds of people around the world?

Yes it is email, but in a fast paced and high technology driven business, there is one method that fills the media relationship building our need better than any other, Social Networking.

Now, several services today that can help us to do this, Twitter, Face Book, Linked in and a hundred others. Now let’s look at how to build friends who know, like and trust us enough to convert into a customer.

Start by sending an email to your leads that invite them to follow you on twitter and face book account. In the letter, offering to help them in any way you can, but it’s very simple to do for themselves offering to be helpful. Next, start to send a message to customers that are following you, ask them questions. Tell them what you’re working on; you just need to spend 15 to 30 minutes a day to keep in touch.


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